Feminized Seeds

PEV Bank feminized seeds are produced organically and in fully controlled environments. We carry out tests periodic tests to verify that the germination rate is always greater than 95%, and all genetics are subjected to stress tests in different environments, both indoors as outdoors, to check their sexual purity, totally female in more than 99% of cases.

We work with breeders and producers who have wide experience in the sector and we only bring to market those varieties that we consider to be really worthwhile, discarding those that do not meet our quality standard. Within this category you have available Landraces such as the Jamaican Lambsbread or the Thay Chocolate, European champions such as the Jack Herer or the Critical, American classics such as Blueberry, Bubble Gum or Haze, and feminized versions of today's most fashionable plants such as Gelato, Gorilla or Zkittlez among others.

Autoflowering Seeds

The PEV Bank Seeds Autos are descended from elite clones or selections of our own varieties. At first we used the Lowryder#2 to take advantage of the genes responsible for autoflowering, but currently we prefer to provide that quality from more modern genetics, specific for each project, that in addition to being of higher quality, less disrupt the distinctive features of the elite plant.

All the seeds in this category are 100% autoflowering and 100% feminized, tested indoors with different photoperiods, and outdoors in multiple climates, and only enter the catalog those that pass all the tests. The germination rate is greater than 95% guaranteed and you have many options among the automatic ones to choose the one that best suits your needs. XXL autos such as Moby Dick Auto or Haze XXL Auto, with sativa genes such as Amnesia Lemon Auto, Indicas such as the Northern Light Autoflowering, even American genetics in an auto version such as the OG Kush Auto or the exclusive Tropicanna Cookies Auto.

CBD Seeds

The category of CBD-rich marijuana seeds from PEV Bank Seeds encompasses different types of medicinal varieties, but all with the same trait in common: a chemotype with high values ​​of Cannabidiol, the cannabinoid that has shown the most therapeutic properties to date.

Among the genetics available in this section you can choose autoflowering plants with high levels of CBD such as Gorilla Glue Auto CBD, photodependent with hardly any THC such as CBD Time, especially for consumers who do not want to get high, and other photo-dependents with different ratios between THC and CBD, such as C99 CBD or OG Cookies Cream which are 1:1 or Excalibur CBD which is 1:2 , all feminized, so you won't have to worry about removing the males.

The Cannabidiol has more followers every day and our company has a special firm commitment to medical cannabis, so we continue to work on the search for the better plants.

Marijuana Seeds

PEV Bank Seeds is the result of more than 20 years of effort and dedication to what one day began as a hobby and over time it has become more than a job, since it is our whole life.We started making our first crosses with varieties that friends brought us from their travels in India , Colombia or Africa, then we began to create feminized seeds, later autoflowering, and later CBD-rich varieties. It led us to win some competitions in the sector and to collaborate with large seed banks worldwide, something that gave us more experience and allowed us to access exclusive genetics.

More and more people liked our varieties, something that encouraged us to create our own brand of seeds, and include in our catalog all the new varieties, crosses and automatic and tasty versions in CBD that we have been creating throughout our career as cannabis breeders. Now you can enjoy seeds of classic European strains such as Critical, White Widow or Jack Herer, as well as powerful and productive autoflowering strains such as Amnesia Lemon Auto or Mamba Negra Auto, fashionable hybrids in the USA such as Gelato, Gorilla, Cookies or Zkittlez and strains rich in Cannabidiol such as CBD Time or CBD 99, come in, choose the one you like best and enjoy PEV Bank herbs!

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