Do you love our beloved plant like we do and do you practice self-cultivation? Are you looking for a reliable and quality seed bank?

If your answer to any of the two questions was YES, you are in the right place. Welcome to PEV Seeds. Make yourself comfortable, you're at home.

Who is behind PEV Seeds?

Hello, my name is Alan Martinez and I am the CEO of PEV Seeds, I was born in 1981 in Valencia (Spain) and since I came of age I have been attracted to the cannabis plant, not only growing it and enjoying it in a responsible also fighting for its regularization.

In Spain at the end of the 90's the cannabis culture did not yet exist and it was hashish that had total protagonism. If you wanted to enjoy good weed, the easiest thing was to travel to Amsterdam and lose yourself in its coffee shops, everything seemed from another world.

When I discovered the internet at the beginning of the millennium I started reading American blogs specialized in growing marijuana indoors and outdoors and I was amazed at it, it was time to start and test all that theory for myself, since then I have not stopped enjoying my favorite hobby ;-)

Although my first contact with the world of work was as a salesperson for packaging products, I knew that one day I would dedicate myself to marijuana professionally and share all the experiences and experiences I had accumulated, and that opportunity was about to come.

In 2005 in my hometown the first Spanish marijuana seed banks were created, Sweet Seeds and shortly after Delicious Seeds, for me it was exciting and of course I went to sell them packaging and thus take the opportunity to meet them and exchange experiences.< /p>

The touch makes love, and one day Rubén (Co-founder of Delicious Seeds) told me that they were looking for distributors and invited me to the Spannabis fair, I went with Raquel, my current wife and mother of my two children, and we both spent best days of our life. PEV Seeds was being born.

We didn't have a lot of capital to start with, but we did have the firm conviction that we could contribute something valuable to marijuana growers, and without thinking too much about it, we left work and started our online store. My wife is a programmer so we had the technical part covered, I would write the information on the web and the commercial part. Between the two of us little by little we gave shape to our dream, being in January 2010 the inauguration of our online site.

The team

Since that moment the Pev Seeds family has not stopped growing until what we are today, a smiling, tolerant and committed team that seeks excellence on a daily basis so that your experience with us is as satisfactory as possible.

A team that is always questioning everything, looking for innovations and of course, fighting daily to preserve and improve our crosses and genetics.

We have to say that we are proud of the family that we have created in Pev Seeds, we have always thought that if the team is happy, this will be transferred to the product and the end customer, that is our main philosophy.

Alan Martinez

CEO of Pev Seeds. Marijuana grower for own consumption with more than 15 years of experience.

Your dream of him would be to have the largest catalog of seeds in the world, give it time...!

Raquel Requena

CEO of Pev Seeds. Passionate and enthusiastic about marijuana. Head of the commercial department.

The queen of serenity. There is nothing like managing orders with a little calm so that everything goes in order.

Cristina Requena

Spanish-speaking customer service. Management of orders, stock, warehouse organization and shipments.

No request escapes him, hey one escapes, super Cris is on the lookout.

Amparo Fernández

Management and customer service of francophone orders. Translator and editor.

Lovely woman with her southern French accent, Bonjour!

Joserra Cabrejas

Responsible for the department of new technologies, digital marketing, SEO.

Who said marijuana and technology don't mix? He makes it possible, they say he thinks in ones and zeros.


Graphic designer, specialized in the cannabis sector.

Creativity in its purest form, turns disorder into beauty and harmony.


Responsible for accounts and billing.

He lives in a sea of ​​excels, databases and numbers.

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